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Oil Changes

An oil change is a preventative maintenance service that keeps your vehicle running efficiently. You should change your vehicle’s oil and oil filter every five months or 8,000 kilometres to keep your engine running smoothly and to help prevent engine damage. Your engine has a lot of moving parts at work to help power your vehicle. These components create heat and friction, which if not contained, can cause serious issues under the hood. Oil lubricates all the parts of your engine, keeps them cool, and eliminates the friction, so that your engine can run smoothly. 

Why are Oil Changes Important?

Oil keeps your engine cool and prevents it from overheating due to all the small explosions taking place in the engine. The oil works hard in protecting and keeping the engine running efficiently, but it eventually becomes like sludge making it ineffective. That’s when you should have your oil changed.

    Benefits of Oil Changes

    An oil change is important because it offers benefits such as:
    • Keeping your engine clean
    • Protecting engine components
    • Better gas mileage
    • Better engine performance
    • Prolong engine life



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