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Tire Balancing

Tire Balancing is important to prolong the life of your tires, as well as increase the safety of your vehicle.

Signs your tires may require balancing:

  • Vibrations when steering
  • Uneven tread wear
  • Driving that becomes much less smooth over the life of the tires
  • Pulling to one side

The benefits of balanced tires are:

  • A smoother driving experience
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • More even tire wear
  • Extended life of tires and drive train components.

    Tire Installation

    After you have selected the right tires for your vehicle, you need professional tire installation service. For safety reasons, it is recommended that customers replace all four tires at the same time, or at least in groups of the same two on each axle.

    Professional Tire Installation 

    Having good tires is important to the safety and reliability of your vehicle. In addition to the safety advantages of proper tires, a vehicle will experience increased performance capability, better traction, and an overall smoother ride. Trust the experts at Action Automotive in to install your next set of tires.

    Tire Installation Services

    Our technicians are trained on proper tire installation. New tire installation consists of:

    • Checking the lug nuts for wear
    • Installing new valve stems
    • Mounting the tires
    • Correct balancing of the wheels
    • Inspecting the disc brake caliper clearance
    • Measuring the space between calipers, tires, and rims to inspect for potential obstructions
    • Tightening lugs to correct torque

      Tire Repair

      It happens to the best of us. You are driving home, and you suddenly get a flat. There are many hazards that can make tires less effective. Sharp stones, nails, or other pointed pieces of debris can puncture a tire. If your tire is flat, punctured, or loses pressure, it is dangerous to use.

      Professional Flat Tire Repair 

      If you are experiencing any tire problems, our experienced technicians at Action Automotive can inspect your tire by checking your tire pressure, tire tread depth, tread wear, and balance of your tires, as well as checking for any tire punctures that could cause a flat. We will work to restore your tire to make sure it is in accordance with industry standards.


      We Offer Tire Repair Services Including:

      • Flat tire repair
      • Tire rotation
      • Tire mounting
      • Tire balancing

      Tire Rotation

      Your car, truck, or SUV benefits from regular tire rotations because it aids in a smooth, comfortable, and safe driving experience. Tire rotation is done by changing the positions of your tires so the front tires may go to the rear, and the rear tires may go to the front. Your vehicle has a suggested tire rotation pattern, which may include the spare tire or swapping left and right. To help your tires last as long as possible, tire rotation and tire balancing are recommended every 4,000 to 6,000 miles.

      How is Tire Rotation Performed

      During the tire rotation process, the tires are moved from one position on a vehicle to another, which is done to prevent uneven wear and support tire longevity. When performing a tire rotation our technicians will:

      • Rotate tires in alternating patterns
      • Examine the overall quality and safety of tires
      • Check tire tread
      • Check for correct inflation
      • Secure lug nuts


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