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The most common question about winter tires is whether they are necessary or if all season tires can do the job year-round. If you live in an area where it never snows, then the answer will likely be no. On the other hand, for those living in areas that do have snow, winter tires are something to seriously consider. A good set of winter tires is more than just another tire purchase. The tread design and rubber compounds are specifically designed to dig into snow and apply additional resistance to prevent sliding on snow or ice-covered roadways.

Studies show that, under conditions involving ice and snow, tires designed specifically for winter conditions proved better braking by an average of 20-25% overall season tires under the same conditions. That percentage equals between 28-35 feet shorter braking distance, which could potentially be the difference between stopping and an accident.

Benefits of Winter Tires

There is more to winter tires than increased stopping power under winter road conditions that typically include snow, ice, sleet, and freezing rain. They boast a more suitable rubber compound and unique treads that provide these important benefits:

  • Superior braking in the snow, slush, or on ice
  • Increased grip on slick roadways
  • Better handling in winter conditions

Another common question centers around changing out winter tires for all season tires when treacherous weather conditions have passed. It is suggested that when the weather warms, winter tires should be stored or switched out for all season tires. Because the rubber compound for winter tires is softer, it affords less stability under hot road conditions. This could be dangerous should the pavement or asphalt become too hot. The rubber can degrade or break down more quickly than normal which could result in a blowout or other reduction in safety due to handing capability.


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